Verb Energy VS Herbal Life

You may have noticed a bunch of “healthy tea & shake” stores popping up. I was first introduced to these about a month ago and right away, I was addicted. Mostly to the teas because they give you great, long lasting energy and they have so many amazing flavors. Their shakes are also amazing and double as a meal replacement. What I didn’t know, was that this is part of Herbal Life, a multi level marketing company. From my research, it is similar to Plexus and thrive.

While I LOVE these teas, I kind of hate the price, it’s an expensive addiction; and money I’d rather spend on shopping!

I happened upon Verb Energy because of an influencer (of course.) I was impressed with the price ( about $1.70 per drink,) but not optimistic on how well they’d compare to the herbal life teas. I got my first shipment on Monday; and I must say, I am impressed.

While the serving amount is about 1/3 of the size of herbal life mega teas, they have the same lasting energy (in my opinion) and they taste great! Plus, each drink contains 5g of collagen, which is a definite bonus.

I’m glad I’ve found a cheaper alternative to the teas, but I’m not planning to completely drop them, they’re just so delicious! And my son loves getting the kids version, he begs for tea every time we drive by the storefront.

If you want to give verb a try, use my code for $10 off “ASHLEYNEWMAN4” – they also make energy bars (although I haven’t tried them yet.)

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