I’m baaaaaack!

It’s been a crazy year and honestly, I just needed to step back and get in the groove of what the new normal meant to me and my family. Unfortunately doing that while trying to create/maintain a following on social media does not go hand in hand and I lost over half of my followers.

My family and our lifestyle depend on 2 incomes, but I love working and I’ve never had the desire to be a stay at home mom (props to the ladies / men out there who can and do, you’re all rockstars!) But when stepping back consisted of me letting go of something, this was of course what got left behind.

I’m not a professional writer, I didn’t go to college for English (I actually didn’t even graduate from college!) This was always something that was just fun. People probably wonder why the fuck anyone would want to read about my life or care what I have to say. I wonder the same thing, but I don’t care. This is still fun and I’ll keep doing it until it’s not, or until I feel like I need to cut something back again.

So cheers to things finally getting back to “normal” and pushing past fear of rejection! I’ll be sure to have a glass (or bottle) of wine to celebrate tonight!

P.S. this post really had no point, other than to say, I’m back. Hence the heading.

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