Fav Beauty Products

I did a similar post about a year ago, but my routine has changed a bit, so thought it was time to update. You can shop all these items by clicking this link: LIKEtoKNOW.it

First, I still use coconut oil to wash my face. I don’t pay attention to the brand, I’ll usually just have my husband stop at a grocery store on his way home and get some. I can’t see me ever changing this part of my routine.

Then I use a moisturizer, I have one for daytime and one for nighttime.

I’ve been using this combo for over a year now and love the results I’ve seen. The price is great too!
I add these drops to my nighttime moisturizer once or twice a week.
I originally got this through influenster in a voxbox and fell in love. Every other day, I will use this. I just pour a little on a cotton swab and wipe it all over my face, I don’t apply a moisturizer after when I use this, but I do use an eye cream. It’s a little pricey, but so worth it in my opinion. A little also goes a long way so it will last quite a while.
This is another influenster voxbox find. I just love the way it makes my eyes feel and you can also use it during the day.
This is hands down, by far, the best foundation I’ve found for my skin type. I have very oily skin and my makeup stays in place all day. I use the shade 2N2 Buff. I apply it with a moist makeup blender.
Would I be a blogger if I didn’t use this concealer? I wear the shade light sand. Again, just applied with a moist makeup blender.
This is the cheapest setting powder I’ve ever come across and I’m totally obsessed with it. It lasts forever and it doesn’t crease or settle. They have several colors, but I use the banana light.
This is the eye primer I use, it doesn’t really matter which color you use, I usually just get the lightest one available in stock.
I’ve been using this palette the last couple of months. I just use two shades, frisk for my lids and undone for the crease and under eye.
There are some things I splurge on with makeup, bronzer isn’t one of them. I haven’t noticed a difference whether you spend $50 or $10, so this is the brand I use, in the shade medium.
I don’t remember I time I didn’t use this blush. I wear the shade orgasm.
Again, I go on the cheap side for highlighter. This has been my fav for a couple months now. Such a beautiful color that seems to work well on most skin tones.
I’ve tried so many brands and even different sizes in the ardell and these have just been the best for me.
Another influenster voxbox find. I’ve been using this for about six months and have been very happy with it. I will probably switch back to UD once this bottle runs out though.
I have the driest lips ever. Between the sleeping mask and the hempz moisturizer, I’ve seen so much improvement. (And yes, I drink TONS of water)

As far as eyeliner and mascara go, I stick with cheaper brands as well. Since I wear falsies, it really doesn’t matter.

Hope you guys enjoy and maybe find something new to try! Let me know what you think!

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