Toes in the Sand

Sometimes I need to disconnect, which trying to be a blogger, can really be detrimental for gaining/ keeping followers. We went to Destin, FL for a week and honestly, I didn’t know where my phone was most of the time.

It was so nice to just spend time with family and of course our little man. We haven’t had the opportunity to spend this much time with him since we were on maternity leave.

We rented a gorgeous house, with a pool and a private beach and enough room for all of us.

The first night, Hayden went to bed early with the grandparents, while the parents and aunt and uncle had some drinks and hung out on the private beach.

I know, terrible pic, but it was night and I just love this guy so much!

Fun fact, my shoes got stolen, on a private beach, WTF!? So the following morning my sister in law and I went shopping for new shoes, while the men went grocery shopping.

After we got back we decided to hit the beach. I just knew Hayden was going to love it, but as soon as his feet touched the sand, he was over it. We tried to get him in the water, all tears. Luckily he started to warm up to the sand though and had a little fun.

Three Generations
Burying auntie Leah

The next day I found out that the new shoes I purchased, were two different sizes. So we went shopping again since it was rainy and the men had booked a fishing excursion.

They caught the most!

Wednesday was a full day of shopping, it poured down all day. We were definitely not getting the vacation we had hoped for, but we still had fun. Stephen and I also had a date night at “The Melting Pot” (so f*cking good!)

Meanwhile, auntie and uncle took Hayden to the beach again where he FINALLY started enjoying it.

Those footprints though!

Thursday was the day we had all been looking forward to, Crab Island! We went before I had Hayden and we had a blast.

We rented a pontoon & jet ski and the 15 of us headed out to the little sandbar. Hayden got to ride his first jet ski and it was seriously the cutest. He also loved swimming there, we could not keep him out of the water.

Crab Island

The temperature started dropping and we decided to head back.

Friday we ended up going to Bubba Gumps for lunch then headed out for some more shopping at Anthropology and Pottery Barn, all while under a tropical storm warning. Yay us!

Again, we ended up having a great time, some sun and warmer weather would have been nice, but that’s the risk you take going to Florida during hurricane season.

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