Top 10 Worries of the Week

1. Why is my 13 month old not walking yet?

Well apparently (Dr. says) I should not worry about this and thankfully he has FINALLY been taking independent steps.

2. Why is my robot vacuum not smart enough to avoid getting stuck under our coffee table?

We still have no solution for this one, not that we’ve really looked into it, but it vacuums for a whole 5 minutes before it gets stuck. Smart solution? I call BS.

3. What am I going to wear to a bachelorette party that’s three weekends away?

After texting two other friends that are also going, my anxiety of this dissipated. Jeans and heels it is.

4. What am I going to wear for my birthday, which is two weeks away?

I’m still trying to figure that out.

5. Are we still doing our friend dinner Friday?

I’m tired of asking, I’m just showing up. You better remember bitches.

6. I should have been brushing my 13 month old’s teeth twice a day, since he started getting teeth? Mom fail.

Dr. didn’t say anything, but the paperwork she sent home with us did. Who the f*** reads those papers? Well I guess I did, finally.

7. Does my husband still like me?

I’ll just go be whiney and clingy to see… yep, he does.

8. We need to start renovating our kitchen.

We have a baby, it’s summer and who wants to be stuck inside all day, all weekend doing that? We’re now waiting until fall.

9. I need a boob job.

Between being pregnant and breastfeeding, they’re not what they used to be, but since we want another baby, there’s no point right now. Maybe I just need a new bra?

10. I want a new LV purse for my birthday.

I’ve dropped so many hints to the hubs to the point where I’ve sent him the link on which one I want. Plus, my birthday is coming up. — I know I sound spoiled, but just to show you how jipped I’ve been, my husband gets a trip almost every year for his birthday. Usually a cruise or Florida. So yeah, I think a new purse is well deserved for someone who hasn’t really had a birthday in TWO years.

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