Let’s talk about extensions, but first, a little back story.

I have always had fragile, super fine hair. This never used to bother me and I didn’t even notice until I had a friend who constantly pointed it out and said I looked like a cancer patient (great friend right?) So then I started to have a complex about it and at one point even cut most of it off.

*picture from 2014

I loved this hairstyle for about 6 months, then decided to grow my hair back out. This was a nightmare since the right side of my hair was above my ear. I immediately went to Sally’s, bought their version of human hair, clip in extensions and wore them for about a year. If you’ve ever used Sally’s extensions, you will know they are not the best quality.

So after about a year, my hair finally grew out to the “can I speak to your manager” style. Yay me.

From there, it seemed to take FOREVER to get to a normal style. By the time I got married, in 2017, my hair was pretty much back to where it was previously. I had also purchased “the babe crown” extensions to add thickness and they were easy enough to put on whenever I needed, but when I became pregnant, I no longer had the energy to put them in everyday.

I’ve always heard that after you deliver, your hair can fall out, due to how much you kept while you were pregnant. Well, I started losing handfuls of hair daily. To the point where the sides of my hair were looking bald. I would end up crying every time I washed my hair. Luckily, my amazing sister in law brought up getting real extensions.

She chose tape ins because of how fine my hair is. They are so light weight and most of the time I forget they are even there. There is minimal hair loss when removing and you have to get them reset about ever 6 weeks; depending on how fast your hair grows. I also find them to be very easy to manage but I do take extra precaution when combing or brushing my hair. I have about five pieces on each side of my scalp to help cover in the missing parts. After about 7 months of using these, my hair is finally starting to grow back. Now, I want more length!

Monday, I am going with her to the beauty supply for her to match my hair color. Then we are going to add some overall length. I’m so excited since I’ve never had good hair. I can’t wait to be able to style it, throw it in a pony without looking like half of my hair is missing and of course, having a fuller messy bun!

I will post more pictures after the rest get applied, but if you are ever in the Nixa area, Leah at Hairology is your girl for tape ins!

Update 06/09/21:

I have since “upgraded” to hand tied extensions. My sister in law opened her own salon last year and put a major focus on hand tied extensions (she even has her own line of hair now!) I’m obsessed. My hair never fully grew back in and so this has become part of my life. It might seem vain, but extensions have become something I can’t imagine going without. I’ve taken them out here and there to give my hair a break and every time I get so emotional feeling how little hair I actually have.

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