Prom Pictures

I have always loved prom season, it’s almost a magical time of year. The girls wear beautiful dresses and go all out on their hair and makeup and the boys actually dress up.

This year I was asked by two girls to help them with prom stuff. The first girl asked me to do her hair, makeup and take her prom pictures. The hair and makeup turned out so beautiful, but then it started raining and her hair fell flat by the time we got to the area to take pictures. I so wish I would have gotten pictures before we left her house, but timing was being cut short.

About 10 minutes after completing the first girl’s pictures, I arrived at the location to do pictures for the second girl. Luckily for her, her hair was still intact. We took the pictures at Hotel Vandivort, which is so trendy and upscale, that it worked perfect with prom attire.

P.S. I am in no way a professional photographer and I am definitely not claiming to be one. These were just for fun. On another note, when did it become acceptable to wear jeans to prom!?

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