Amazon Baby Clothes

My number one favorite thing to shop for is baby clothes, but it is VERY hard to find baby clothes that don’t have the cutesy writing, trucks, cars or dinosaurs all over them. He’s in between sizes right now, so I had been putting off buying new clothes for him. Then the other day, I noticed his 9-12 month clothing no longer fit, so I decided to order an Amazon Wardrobe box so I could test out sizing.

Let me tell you, these items are SO good!

I only ordered six items, but you can add up to eight.

The first item I LOVE is the grey hoodie. It is so soft and not sweatshirt material, but more like cotton, so it’s perfect for Spring and chilly Summer nights.

Next are the shorts. These can be worn well into fall. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I love pairing chinos with long sleeved shirts or sweaters. I knew these red shorts would look perfect with the hoodie and of course I got khaki too, because they go with everything.

Then I threw in a couple of T-shirt’s that can be dressed up or down. The hub’s loves blue so that’s what I got.

I saved the best for last. The white converse. Omg these are the cutest things ever. Your baby needs these, trust me!

All of these items are closet staples. I know that sounds silly for a baby, but if you buy staple pieces, you won’t have to buy as many clothes because you can mix and match. It’s a money saver for sure.

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