Pregnancy & Body Image

I gained a little over fifty pounds during my pregnancy, admitting that to people is very hard.

I’ve always been on the smaller side, but when I started working in an office setting, I started gaining weight. When I found out I was pregnant, I was about twenty pounds heavier than my normal weight. I swore I would work out throughout my pregnancy, but that was before morning sickness, insomnia, back pain and heartburn kicked in. I know these are just excuses, but man was I miserable.

I was basically bed bound my entire pregnancy and by the time I went back to work I was about thirty pounds away from my normal weight. I started working out after being cleared by my doctor, doing mostly cardio but incorporating weights here and there. With working out and eating healthier, I lost another ten pounds, but I had the biggest hips ever. I was so uncomfortable with my body and felt like nothing looked good on me. I got very depressed and wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror below the waist.

Losing the baby weight has definitely been hard and it’s even harder seeing women all over social media, looking exactly like they did pre pregnancy after just a couple days. It’s so easy to compare myself to others and I get really down about myself when I start comparing.

After months of hitting a plateau, I decided to take my workouts up a notch and started the Kayla Itsines Sweat program. These workouts kick my ass and hopefully soon, I will start feeling better about my body.

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