Carnival Cruise

We went on a cruise about two weeks after we got married, with our two best friends, Lindsey and Chelsea. It was their anniversary and technically our honeymoon. We all had balcony suites, which if you ever go on a cruise, balcony rooms are the only way to do it.

We had three stops, the first was Key West. None of us had ever been to Key West, so we wanted to explore. We rented a golf cart and drove around the town. We went to Fat Tuesday’s and got daiquiris, then went to Earnest Hemingway’s home and did a tour, all while sipping on our yummy frozen drinks. The tour was amazing, we learned a lot about Hemingway’s life and his wives. One thing that I really connected with, was one of his wives took out all of the ceiling fans because they weren’t fashionable. Loved that. After the tour we went back for more drinks and continued exploring. By 5, we were back on the boat. 

Next stop was Freeport, Bahamas. We had booked an excursion for this stop. It was an exclusive private beach home, with a private chef and all you can drink bar, at least that’s how it was described on the website. We were extremely disappointed, first thing was, yes there were a small number of people in our group BUT turns out there was another excursion for this house that included scuba diving and both groups were all packed into this house. The private chef only cooked one meal for everyone and there weren’t even enough places to sit and eat. The all you can drink bar, literally had 10 drinks to choose from, none of which we liked. We left feeing misled and ripped off.

Our final stop was Nassau, Bahamas. This was the best stop yet. We asked a cab driver to take us to a beach that served alcohol. He took us to Cabbage Beach.

Cabbage beach was gorgeous, they had several locals that set up little huts to sell alcohol out of. We each paid $20 for all you could drink, out of real coconuts that they cut open right in front of you. The alcohol we were drinking was unknown to us because they poured it out of Gatorade bottles, why we didn’t question that, I don’t know. Once we got pretty tipsy, we attempted to get in the water. What the pictures above don’t show you, was the intense 6ft + waves. It was extremely hard to make it into the water because these giant waves would slam you and push you right back to where you started. We had a blast there though and would love to do a vacation there.

When we got back to the boat, we read a news article Carnival sent out that informed us that all tourists should wear bug spray because the Zika virus had been detected here. Oops, too late now. Pro tip: You should really read the news articles when they first hand them out in the morning. .

Have you ever been on a cruise? What were your favorite ports of call?

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