Favorite Baby Items

You know that saying, the more choices you have, the harder it is to make a decision? Well that’s what it’s like for first time parents, who have no clue what they are even looking at. We googled and asked friends but the three items I’m getting ready to tell you about, no one ever mentioned. I found these items out of sheer luck and bought them on a whim.

1. Snuggle Me Organic baby lounger. We bought this when Hayden was one month old. We were stuck between choosing this lounger and the doc-a-tot. After some research, I found out that the Doc-A-Tot was banned in Canada for being unsafe, so we ended up getting the Snuggle Me Organic. This thing was a game changer. Since it pulls your baby in and the sides snuggle them, they can’t get out (until they can sit up.) It was also super comfortable for him and he rarely fussed while in it. This made doing housework SO much easier. We could set this thing on the floor and not have to worry about him being unsafe or crying. We could also bring it with us wherever we went, and he’d have a safe, familiar place to take supervised naps.


2. The Owlet Smart Sock. We started out using a different monitor that would alert us on our phones if Hayden stoped breathing. Great idea, horrible design. This thing took watch batteries and it would die in the middle of the night, every night. Back to research. Hayden was about 6 weeks old when we happened to stumble upon the Owlet, it was pricey, but the reviews were so good that we decided we couldn’t put a price on peace of mind. The very first night, I got better sleep than than I had in weeks. Every time I woke up in a panic to make sure Hayden was still alive, I just had to look at the base station and if it was glowing green, he was good. If I had to chose my absolute favorite thing on the list, this would be it. We’ve only ever had one red notification, but the sock was not on correctly. Thankfully that’s all it was.


3. Last but certainly not least, the Brezza Formula Pro. We got this around the 3 month mark. Night time feedings were the worst, heating up a bottle was always a guessing game. Half of the time it was either too hot or too cold. One day while making a target run, we saw the Brezza on display, it seemed so genius but we wanted check reviews before purchasing. For the most part, reviews were great, the only bad ones were about having to clean it after every four bottles. We didn’t care about that. We ordered the latest model directly from Brezza’s website. This thing is a life saver for an impatient baby. It literally makes a bottle in 5 seconds. That alone should sell it.


While all three of these products are pricey, I don’t regret any of the purchases. Hayden is almost out of the infant stage and so all three of these won’t be in use much longer but, we do plan on having more babies and these things can be easily stored.

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